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Meet the coaches

They come from all different walks of life, but one thing brings them altogether… Their love of trading. Our coaches love both trading and teaching, and each of them has their favourite styles. Daniel our founder, will cover everything from low time frame price action to very long term price forecast. Mike provides skill sharpening exercises for our members. Victor goes live every Friday covering BTC and the stock market. George goes live every day updating our members on BTC price action. Igor creates lessons that become trading strategies, and we’re only just scratching the surface of their abilities. The interesting part is that they all started out just like you. They were students of the market, and through proven teaching, they became masters of the markets.

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This is where the guess work ends and precision begins. With Chart Champions you will reach the level of an exceptional trader, as you learn and trade side by side with the elite players in the Bitcoin market. Give your portfolio the edge over the rest of market, today.

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