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Chart Champions is imo the absolute best all around community. The structure, daily updates, educational content, coaches, members, and the customer service have all been incredible...

Curt Hartz

Profitable Champion

Stop losing and become profitable

At Chart Champions we’re putting confidence back into our traders, by taking the guesswork out of trading. Through our on-demand platform, we’ve developed the most advanced strategies and converted them into simplified teachings for all experience levels.

Our platform is created with a single goal in mind - Make you a profitable trader.

Become Profitable

New to trading? Find out if trading suits you

Our courses have been designed so you can step in at any level of experience. If you are a beginner, we will take you from the most basic principles all the way up to the strategies used by 1000ths of profitable traders.

You’ll have strong support along the way from our team of professional traders and your fellow community members.

Learn more about trading

You can start learning trading techniques in as little as 5 minutes.

Here’s where your trading path begins.

Learn a new strategy every week

With our contender sessions you learn the strategies we use every day - practiced with proof and profits. New lessons are released every week, including a Q&A follow-up.

Your on-demand personal mentor

Instant help from our Trading Assistant team every day, 7 days a week, to give your studies that extra boost of confidence. Everyone feels overwhelmed sometimes, but Trading Assistant has your back.

Our strategies put in practice with Live Trading

Move from the theoretical to the practical, and watch our coaches trading live. You’ll be able to observe them using the strategies you’ll be learning, managing their trades, and taking profit.

Always know what's happening in the markets

Covering the stock market and BTC market with daily updates. You’ll see what we’re looking for and how we plan our trades every day live, Monday to Friday.

Keep statistics and know what works

Practice demo trading with our interactive journal to record your results and build statistics. We’ll show you your average risk and your win rate, our Trading Journal will tell you when you’re ready.

Trading can be lonely, but it doesn't have to be

We’ve created a warm and professional environment for our members to learn and grow together. You’ll gain inspiration from those trading full-time while having the opportunity to interact with our professional team of traders on a daily basis.