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Chart Champions is the first real-time learning platform dedicated to teaching Technical Analysis for trading Bitcoin and stocks. Gain immediate access to the most sophisticated analysis and trading strategies.
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On-demand Learning Library

Enter at an educational level tailored to you. Whether you're an absolute beginner as a trader or looking to advance your current results, you will have a learning path focused on your requirements as an aspiring trader.

As a member you will never succumb to stale performance, thanks to our evergrowing module collection; with new lessons being added every month.

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Live Weekly Trading Lessons

As a member you won't be left alone on your learning path. Each week our Coaches host interactive learning streams every Wednesday and Sunday, dedicated to specific techniques and strategies, followed by a thorough Q&A session.

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Study Real Time Trade Setups, alongside our Analysts

Champion members are provided with an in-depth analysis on the Bitcoin market prior to the week ahead. Sit down with our Lead Analyst as they talk you through your chart highlighting; current market structure, key price levels and alert recommendations, while identifying the most probably trade setups on the Bitcoin chart.

Do you live outside of Europe? We've got you covered - All of our Live Learning Streams are immediately available for replay, so you'll always have your finger on the pulse of the Bitcoin market

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Daily Trading Updates

Every morning our Coach George provides a live analysis on the Bitcoin market, providing detailed insights on how they expect to trade Bitcoin for the trading day ahead. These vital updates are closed with a Q&A session, providing you with the answers you need as a Day Trader in the Bitcoin Market.

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In-house Trading Assistant

Have a question? Need a bit of extra support on a particular trading topic? Trading Assistant and our Coaches are on hand every day with answers and tips to boost your learning progress and knowledge of the markets.

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Progress Tracker

As an up and coming trader in the Bitcoin market; your progress is tracked and recorded, as you complete your learning path through our intrinsic module library. Press pause on your studies when required, then pick up where you left off and continue on your tailored path to profit. Organise, collect data, and build statistics on your own trading results; with your very own Trading Journal. Take the guess work out of your win rate, your journal will even calculate and update your P&L for you.

Who said learning how to trade isn’t fun? Level up on your Learning Path and your efforts will be acknowledged and rewarded, through our ranking feature.

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What our members say about us.

How we changed the lives of our members

Not surprisingly, there are mostly men in Chart Champions, but we are also a few women and they are so amazing! Reaching out to each other behind the scenes to connect, support each other and share. I am slowly but surely going towards the mindset of a full-time trader and honing in on my strategy. At this stage, I am rewatching the learning modules, as well as testing different styles and strategies to figure out what kind of trader I am. I am learning that is just not about technical analysis but about mass psychology, and more importantly, my own psychology. It's a journey of self- discovery. This is without a doubt the best trading educational platform in the world, as well as the best trading community. It's an absolute privilege to be a part of it. Anyone who sticks with it and works consistently over time will reap the rewards they seek.


Scott has been a profitable member for 8 months and counting, with an average win rate of 75% I joined the ChartChampions Spectators group in 2021 with the intention of becoming a Contender within one year. After the first week in the group, it became clear to me that ChartChampions was far and above their competition and the other trading groups I had researched. Not only did they have a professional demeanor, but they had a system of learning, modules to study, a trading checklist, a journal to log my trades, and a vault of priceless information. This showed me that ChartChampions is not only a legitimate place where one can become a student of the game, but it is also a place where one can learn from some of the best traders in the world. Needless to say, I became a Champion within my first month of learning, and I never looked back. I consider myself truly lucky to have found ChartChampions and a path to consistent profitability. If you are interested in becoming a professional trader, hands down, ChartChampions is the place to start.


I started learning from Chart Champions in November 2021. After finishing the CC modules and combining my experience in trading and investing in the financial markets for 3 years, I've finally become consistently profitable after 3 years of overall trading and after 2 months of learning and practicing the theories taught in the CC modules. "Everything negative - pressure, challenges - is all an opportunity for me to rise." - Kobe Bryant. I believe that what the coaches and other Champions say; that it takes months or even years to be consistently profitable is true. It will take a lot of ups and downs in between the trading and charting before becoming profitable; but with consistent practice, one can become a master paper trader.


Before joining Chart Champions, I was losing my precious savings due to following too many hype influencers on Crypto Twitter & Youtube. Even though I'm a Licensed Financial Adviser & majored in Business Economics in College, I was on a losing streak in trading Crypto & Stock Assets. With humility, I stopped trading completely while I studied the Modules in CC. From there, my mindset, attitude, strategies, & techniques completely evolved. Since July 2021, I studied & worked hard for 10-12hrs daily. Even up to present times. I became consistently profitable by Sept 2021.



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  • In-house Trading Assistant
  • Daily trading sheets
  • Trading strategies + templates
  • Trading cheat sheets
  • On-demand learning library (over 250 hours)
  • Progress Tracker
  • 24 Hour customer support response time

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