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A community with great mentors and a lot of good traders that are dedicated to get better each and every day. Lots of solid content to study from beginner to master. If you are willing to learn this profession, Chart Champions is the best place for it. Just know that Champions are not forged in one day.



I've learnt to trade from scratch from this group. CC give you all the tools and you get to choose what works for you. From simple Supply and Demand to DOM and reading the tape. The coaches and trading assistants are incredibly helpful and go out their way if you want questions answered. This group has everything.



I’ve been a Champion member of Chart Champions for quite some time now, and I couldn’t be more thrilled with the experience. The depth of knowledge and insight provided is unparalleled. The coaches consistently delivers top-notch analysis and trading strategies that have significantly improved my trading skills and results. The community is supportive and engaging, making it a fantastic environment for learning and growth. Chart Champions has truly elevated my trading game, and I highly recommend it to anyone serious about improving their trading skills. Also best customer support ever!



Been Chart Champions (CC) member for over 3 years now. The learning platform and website is just great and very easy to use. Within the subscription, members can have access to an incredible amount of learning material: more than 200 hours (I presume, there is so much) of teaching videos, summary fact sheet and content. Each week, a new coaching video is made available with the opportunity to ask questions and get the answers future traders need. Priceless. What I also love is that they always evolve, trying new tools and strategy to enhance performance of traders they teach. Each day of the year, Chart Champions (CC) coaches are relentless to provide live trading streams, updates on the market and other content to the point that you are never left alone. If after all this, people still have questions, the discord is also great and very well organised. Through this discord, people can ask additional question and review coaches analysis using the coach only channels. This is very useful to check if, after learning all the modules, traders would like to check their setups. Personally, I joined CC in 2021 after seeing a Youtube video of Daniel (founder of CC) and after making my own research (meaning making sure of what he was saying was happening and true) I decided to join and have never regretting it. At that time, not knowing what I was doing as a trading, I followed fake influencers (no names but one is blond german guy, a fat cheaper american - you know) and always felt I was making these guys money. Taking CC seriously, I studied the content for 2 years, every night, and wrote more than 100 pages of notes - this is the amount of value that CC provide. Now I am still a member, growing my account at 15% per month every month. Chart Champions is a life-changing experience for the better and I keep on looking to become a better trader everyday, thanks to the CC mindset. This again is priceless. I highly recommend (serious) people joining the trading and CC community.



Customer Service at Chart Champions is beyond fabulous. Any any point you can ask them a question and they always reply super quickly and with a thorough explanation to make sure your question is answered. I have personally used Trading Assistant many times and they have ALWAYS resolved my problem. Priceless resource !

Lisa Tsakaros


Coaches are awesome, library of videos to learn from is extensive the daily livestreams are very helpful. Big shout out to trading assistant to for answering all my many questions



Chartchamions is the best Group if you want to learn trading. Amazing coaches, great customer service and amazing learning expiriences.

Gerd Mick


I have learned so much about trading from great coaches. I believe Chart Champions is the best platform to get knowledge and experience if you are serious and dedicated. Chart Champions for me is not any random trading group it feels like a trading family. Even the members are always happy to help. I am thankful for this opportunity and maybe luck to find and learn from Daniel, Igor, Severin and Rivalry. I recommend and give 10 out of 10



I've been a member for more than three years now and I can say that Chart Champions is probably one of the best trading groups I've been a member of. All four coaches are profitable traders with different trading styles and they give daily insights on their trading activity. They cover BTC and other cryptos plus legacy markets like ES1 & NQ.

DLV Crypto


The knowledge obtained through the Chart Champions courses is invaluable. I have spent the last 8 years learning to trade and for me this i the best course i have completed. Customer service is impeccable and the response time is always fast. Thank you Chart Champions and Personally thank you Daniel!



The services of chartchampions.com are really good, having access to multiple coaches trading with different styles is important in my opinion, because there is a higher chance to find the style that is compatible with you. However, it's important for newer traders to choose one style and stick to that, at least at the beginning.



Chart Champions is trusted and secure and I would, and do actively, recommend them as a learning platform and service. I have the highest regard for their educational content, coach's insight and teaching, and their ongoing support. Really couldn't speak more highly of them and my words don't give them the justice they truly deserve. Thank you CC!



Daniel, Igor, Rivalry and Serverin are all amazing teachers. Customer serves is amazing and so helpful. The are constantly improving and developing. Delighted to have found Chart Champions. Thank you so much

Michael Kindregan


the perfect platform to study trading. from the live trading, daily updates and hours upon hours of modules. very informative and useful, the only place i recommend



Once I join in Chart Champions I discover not only a professional trading group but a big family too ! If you want to be a professional trader this is the right place to be, but depends on you how much work you will put every day to became one 🤝 CC can change your life 🙌 Kong



when i started with cc i was busy with work i didnt have time to study the materials but what i saw was so amazing i kept the membership over the years so every chance i had i would study. like so many people, i got rekted at the beginning with crypto and out of desperation i paid for signal groups and all that degen stuff. when i saw daniel on one of his yt videos i knew he was different. now i can trade my own plans to the point where even if coaches lay out plans and i dont like i dont trade it following them. i dont trade fulltime yet and got long way to go but i'm just thankful i found cc and daniel igor. the little trades i take results are getting better and im more confident. so ty cc i hope you guys stick around forever

cd lee


In beginning Daniel was a gem, one of a kind, now its his downfall time. But new coaches Rivalry and Severin are my new favorite. Infact i switched compleatly to trading futures and abandoned crypto and Daniel and Igor. I am somewhat profitable, but i believe its more from my expirience and money managment that comes with time, and ofc big part in this play rivalry and severin.

Robert Post


Came back to Chart Champions as have not found better trading community. Seeing changes they have done makes learninig platform easier to use. New coaches provides a lot of knowledge and it's pleasure to learn from them.



Best place to be if you want to learn trading like a PRO. If you are begginer CC has great knowledge base to start your journey. There are 4 coaches who will train you, gide you and answer your questions. If you are advanced trader CC is perfect place with huge community and superb customer service to get to another level and become PRO.



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